Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Soccer Congrates Phrase

24: Because it was winter

decided to add a flavor of how it works Destruction Urban Institute. Is renewed on the street surface. Podgórna. Ok. October was the section between the streets and Elm Grudziądzka - two possible decisions are to start work and I hope that winter is not winter, spring, or start work, so as to quickly hurry (I know, I know, in the case of DGP sounds a bit surreal) to the work of and do not block the street. What

chosen option? Of course, the immediate start of work, which blocked the street (by definition), followed by an insidious winter surprised policy-makers and the work was suspended for six months, more or less restored in mid-April mizdrzenie, ie it works.

As a result, we have the end of May, and specialists from the DGP with great dedication give resist nasty matter, and bravely picks in the street (which is still locked, it's probably obvious). On the margins of this work is complete for me dowododem iron that since the construction of nuclear power plants in Poland should follow away - as much dread to think what the longer action of such power may surprise some of our native titans planning.

Mandatory pictures from the battlefield - a view towards the street. Grudziądzki:
and view towards the elm (the corner):


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