Monday, May 23, 2011

Is My Teacup Yorkie Pregnant

23: Everything for cars

Street Staszica Kosciuszko Street and part of his time had a small lawn located between the street and sidewalk. By the time - of course by the time the motorist "had to" buy their cars, and later - Winter surprised the road - it turned out that in Torun, no parking spaces on the scale of appetite drivers, so the "need" to park their cars right on the lawn (traditionally Municipal Police did not see anything.) The result - the rags sand. They can not be fence, guard, przypilnowańá, reclaim, transform back into the green lawns. Do-Da-Out (tm).

But DGP was the council - to eliminate!
And so is the entire length of Staszic - ankle on the sidewalk, street paving, the asphalt on the street.

Such single action does not destroy yet Torun, the problem is that it is not an isolated one. Authorities of the city cutting down trees, flooding the area with asphalt comes next with incredible ease - the foundation of flower beds, flower beds (I'm not talking about Old Town, which acts as a Potemkin village - for tourists and visiting officials) ooo ... incredible difficulty, you can not.

Torun, unfortunately, is destroyed by cars, not knowing why, fostered by the government. Residents have a need to move, it's obvious, but the car is not the solution - even if you ignore the negative impact on life (noise, fumes, temperature increase, accidents) - this car needs space. And that we have limited - or so residents will have the space to live, or cars to drive.

right now people are reduced at the expense of cars, what next?


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