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Visitation of the Virgin of the Eagle

presedirá The march Marian Oliva Our Lady of May 28 will depart from the Parish St. Augustine after the celebration of the Eucharist, estimated 20:30. The Virgin will be home on a stretcher and in this transfer to the Shrine of the Eagle will engage all members of the parish of St. Augustine.
Similarly, all those who wish may porting to the Virgen de la Oliva, and wanting to make all Alcalá a historic act. On the other hand, children of first Communion, a key part also this special worship, take a shirt with the logo identifying the Brotherhood has created for the celebration of the anniversary.

The round trip to the Shrine of the Eagle is as follows: Pastor Jose Luis Portillo, Rodrigo Caro, Jose Villegas, Eduardo Benot Salesian, Cruz del Inglés, Alley del Carmen, Mairena, La Plaza, Plaza de Cervantes, Alcalá and Orti, demolition, and the Sanctuary of Santa María Santa María del Águila (22:30 hours, approximately). On arrival at the Sanctuary will pray to the Blessed Virgin and make the singing of the Salve.

acts will continue on Sunday 29 at 11 am, at which time the solemn Eucharist will be held at the plants of the Virgen del Aguila and La Virgen de la Oliva.

at 20:00 I will start moving procession of the Virgen de la Oliva from the Sanctuary to the Parish of St. Augustine. The Virgin will cover, as Alcalá Nazarene forward in the passage of the Virgen del Águila, donated by the Brotherhood for the occasion.

Open the procession the Band Musical Goodness Holy Christ, that precede the guiding cross flanked by lanterns. Then shall the children of first communion, that unlike the previous day, will communion dresses. Then close the pennant stretch of St. Augustine and two yards. Behind them will form a section of brothers with candles, after which it will be different representations of the fraternities that wish to accompany the brotherhood in this special day, closing the stretch the banner of the Brotherhood itself. Then shall the antepresidencia, the presidency, the body of acolytes and the passage of the Blessed Virgin, which will accompanied by the Banda Municipal de Arahal.

The route back will be: Sanctuary, Santa Maria, The Knockdown, Herreros, Our Lady of Eagle Plaza de Cervantes, La Plaza, Mairena, Santa Ana, Avenida Antonio Mairena, Sergeant Vasallo, Aragón, Canarias, Pastor Lara Araujo, Santander, Pastor José Luis Portillo and entry at 23:30 hours.


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