Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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Alcalá Oliva returned to his parish

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Moving Gallery Virgin of the Olive to the sanctuary of the Eagle

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Monday, May 30, 2011

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Zbigniew Wodecki concert, to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of Birth of Blessed Virgin Mary Parish in Boykos.

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Zbigniew Wodecki

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Velicity Von Galleries

27: Ambush at smart drivers

Adventures of Winnie the Pooh of Little Brain continuation, or fencing strip of lawn that first the wind will not stretch and will slide from the pole, and, secondly, that looks like a deterrent that no driver is already lying on the ground strap not spin. There is no doubt about it, the authority in Toruń is widely Mir, especially among drivers.

for posterity - strip-fence (Legion Street, just off the roundabout Čadca)
at least the second day after installation:

Saturday, May 28, 2011

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While walking with "Although". Wire Factory.

Friday, May 27, 2011

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Visitation of the Virgin of the Eagle

presedirá The march Marian Oliva Our Lady of May 28 will depart from the Parish St. Augustine after the celebration of the Eucharist, estimated 20:30. The Virgin will be home on a stretcher and in this transfer to the Shrine of the Eagle will engage all members of the parish of St. Augustine.
Similarly, all those who wish may porting to the Virgen de la Oliva, and wanting to make all Alcalá a historic act. On the other hand, children of first Communion, a key part also this special worship, take a shirt with the logo identifying the Brotherhood has created for the celebration of the anniversary.

The round trip to the Shrine of the Eagle is as follows: Pastor Jose Luis Portillo, Rodrigo Caro, Jose Villegas, Eduardo Benot Salesian, Cruz del Inglés, Alley del Carmen, Mairena, La Plaza, Plaza de Cervantes, Alcalá and Orti, demolition, and the Sanctuary of Santa María Santa María del Águila (22:30 hours, approximately). On arrival at the Sanctuary will pray to the Blessed Virgin and make the singing of the Salve.

acts will continue on Sunday 29 at 11 am, at which time the solemn Eucharist will be held at the plants of the Virgen del Aguila and La Virgen de la Oliva.

at 20:00 I will start moving procession of the Virgen de la Oliva from the Sanctuary to the Parish of St. Augustine. The Virgin will cover, as Alcalá Nazarene forward in the passage of the Virgen del Águila, donated by the Brotherhood for the occasion.

Open the procession the Band Musical Goodness Holy Christ, that precede the guiding cross flanked by lanterns. Then shall the children of first communion, that unlike the previous day, will communion dresses. Then close the pennant stretch of St. Augustine and two yards. Behind them will form a section of brothers with candles, after which it will be different representations of the fraternities that wish to accompany the brotherhood in this special day, closing the stretch the banner of the Brotherhood itself. Then shall the antepresidencia, the presidency, the body of acolytes and the passage of the Blessed Virgin, which will accompanied by the Banda Municipal de Arahal.

The route back will be: Sanctuary, Santa Maria, The Knockdown, Herreros, Our Lady of Eagle Plaza de Cervantes, La Plaza, Mairena, Santa Ana, Avenida Antonio Mairena, Sergeant Vasallo, Aragón, Canarias, Pastor Lara Araujo, Santander, Pastor José Luis Portillo and entry at 23:30 hours.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

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26: Objective - to destroy the tree

City Authorities and institutions subordinate to them can not be denied operability when it comes to the destruction of trees and greenery in the city. How could I convince even the Mayor himself, p.Michał Zaleski is fascinated by the magic of numbers - how many cars we have in the city, which is progress, modernity, and what is "best" cars will travel (by absurdity of such thinking - next time .)

Is this surprising image (Podgórna Street, view ul.Grudziądzkiej):

the year 2010, in the foreground, we would see two beautiful trees. But according to city authorities have no sense of trees, obscured the view, take place parkinkowe, and falling leaves can scratch the bodywork of his beloved cars. The lesson is clear - cut.

I'm not even curious because I am sure that none -makers, even for a moment does not consider that the trees serve as a reservoir of water, provide shade (aesthetic value omit, because someone might actually loves to look at the asphalt). This is important when from year to year summers are getting more virulent and short (approximately 2-3 weeks), yet deadly heat waves do not give the city a break. The difference in temperature between the surrounding area is Podgórna, and even heath, as many as 4-5 degrees for the benefit of Wrzosów (the temperature is lower). Cutting trees
situation even worse, because on the one hand there is the factor which lowers the temperature (the tree), there is the factor which produces oxygen (the tree), while increasing the presence of an agent that increases the temperature (cars), and factor which pollutes the air (cars).

is felt especially the elderly - Abolishing less heat, and having trouble breathing. Maybe if a few years in Torun already clearly increase the number of syncope and deaths during hot weather, our skipper zacukają a "no because who would he predicted," (They certainly do not). I will come to building the proposal "is certainly the increased catch of whales to the polar circle."

open question to the Executive of the City - that the temperature in the center of the city you want to treat people? 40 degrees in the shade? 45 degrees? Still not enough ...?

A Citizen at the moment the way - take an example from the Authority. Destroy green and trees, niańcz cars can be a method to the madness. The sooner we destroy Torun, the faster it will become clear what sets you apart from the civilized cities.

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Welcome. See you at the Gliwice market.

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Photo Exhibition - ADAM greedy - eXtreme. We are pleased to recommend it!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Soccer Congrates Phrase

24: Because it was winter

decided to add a flavor of how it works Destruction Urban Institute. Is renewed on the street surface. Podgórna. Ok. October was the section between the streets and Elm Grudziądzka - two possible decisions are to start work and I hope that winter is not winter, spring, or start work, so as to quickly hurry (I know, I know, in the case of DGP sounds a bit surreal) to the work of and do not block the street. What

chosen option? Of course, the immediate start of work, which blocked the street (by definition), followed by an insidious winter surprised policy-makers and the work was suspended for six months, more or less restored in mid-April mizdrzenie, ie it works.

As a result, we have the end of May, and specialists from the DGP with great dedication give resist nasty matter, and bravely picks in the street (which is still locked, it's probably obvious). On the margins of this work is complete for me dowododem iron that since the construction of nuclear power plants in Poland should follow away - as much dread to think what the longer action of such power may surprise some of our native titans planning.

Mandatory pictures from the battlefield - a view towards the street. Grudziądzki:
and view towards the elm (the corner):