Thursday, April 28, 2011

Without Clothes Sowing Boobs

28: Response from the Mayor

In response to your letter dated 10 April 2011 sent by email to inform the Mayor of Torun, the supervision over the activities of municipal police in accordance with Article. 9 of the Act of August 29, 1997 - Community Guards (Journal of Laws of 1997, No. 123, item. 779, as amended. D..) Exercise the mayor, the mayor (mayor). It is the oversight in terms of organization,

contrast, supervision over the police in terms of:
1) exercise, including the removal of such vehicles and their immobilization by blocking the wheels, the imposition of fines, the provision of instruction, the ID cards of people, etc.. (Referred to in Article. 12 of the said Act),
2) use of firearms combat and the means of direct coercion,
3) plan records, equipment, including means of direct coercion and the results of the guards referred to in Article. Paragraph 9a. 1 of the Law
- has a governor with the Regional Police Commander acting on his behalf.

Governor exercises this oversight by
1) periodic spot-checks, covering the whole or part of the matters subject to surveillance,
2) ; making recommendations on audit and control the accuracy and timeliness of their implementation,
3) taking other steps to overcome the identified deficiencies and to prevent their occurrence.

to inform you also that the Municipal Police Commander in Torun, presents an annual report on the operation of the units for the City Council of Toruń and the Committee on Safety and Law Enforcement for the City of Torun and the region of Torun.

Ensuring the safety and order of traffic on the roads, traffic management and control are the responsibility of Police (Article 129 paragraph. 1 of the Law - Traffic Law). At the same time the law, traffic law by Article. 129 and allows the implementation of traffic control by police. Traffic control exercised by the guards takes place on the basis of the authorization to perform traffic control issued by the Chief of Police city.

To the extent the authority to control traffic, obtained under the provisions of regulations issued under. Paragraph 131. 1 of the Road Traffic Law, the municipal guards may impose fine in the mandate for criminal offenses under the following provisions of the Code offenses: art. 88, Art. 90, Art. 91, art.92 § 1, Art. 94, Art. 95, Art. 96 § 1 and Article 2. 97.
Based abovementioned provisions of the municipal police have the right primarily to detain persons without permission to conduct vehicles, while the provision of Article. 97 violations of the Code gives the police to act in virtually all cases of breaches of the rules of the road.

Referring to the devastated park on the lawn at. Legions in Torun to inform you that the officers of the Municipal Police in Torun, in all seriousness approach described problems taking appropriate measures against drivers violating traffic laws. The problem of regularity of car parking on the street and at the roundabout Legions Čadca in Torun was included in the ad hoc tasks for the patrol operating in the indicated place. The specificity of the site, ie located there, doctor's surgery mean that the problem is epidemic, and cyclical. Therefore, increased controls in this case are carried out at different times, and activities are conducted as needed. Municipal Police in Torun, in addition to issues related to supervision over the order and control in traffic, has in its statutory responsibility of a number of other tasks, including in particular the tasks related to the protection of peace and order in public places.

In connection with your previous applications to the Municipal Police, with supporting photographic documentation to inform you that the guards have taken steps to clarify the effect of which performed their duties with the heads shown in photographs of vehicles.

inform you that the Municipal Police do not keep statistics on interventions at the individual properties or specific locations. Work is only statistics that relate to specific streets in our city. Inform you that during the period from 01.01.2011 until 14.04.2011, the officers of the Municipal Police imposed a total of 33 mandates in the form of fine criminal offenders on the street. Legions in Torun. At this point I would like to point out that the legal response to the officer on the offense is individual. Each case is examined on the basis of aggravating or mitigating circumstances arising, among others. the wording of Article. 33 - Violations of the Code. As a result of these circumstances, an offender may be cautioned or stays fine imposed on him in the form of the mandate of the criminal, or draw up a proposal for the punishment of the District Court's Criminal Division XII.

Covered Street episode. Legions will continue to be subject to immediate scrutiny from the Municipal Police in Torun.


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