Sunday, April 10, 2011

What Happens If You Pop A Syphilis Sore?

10: The letter summarizes share

Here I present a list of what I sent to the Municipal Police and to the President of Torun, Mr Michael Zaleski. Copies of both letters to the editor sent the "News". Skipping ornaments.

The Municipal Police:

As a resident of Torun, and at the same time maintaining taxpayer financial and municipal services (including the State), watching with concern the lack of enforcement by State legislation in such a way that I can say that Torun is a city clean and safe.
watching every person who - not hiding from it - committing the offense, which the public space of Torun is gradually but systematically, destroyed. You can not see that this practice would stop anyone (not counting the verbal declarations.) The standard, which is visible on the streets of Torun is clear - the rules can be broken with impunity. To see and to learn everyone.

Perhaps the above advice is for your unjust and too emotionally appreciate the scale of a wild car parking, vandalism, dog droppings pollute the city, disrupting the dead of night in Torun, therefore, made an attempt at a more reliable verification of my observations.
for two months (February and March 2011) monitored the wild cursory car parking on the lawn in the street Legion (vis-à -vis the mall, Peter and Paul, about 100 feet - in side center of the city - from the roundabout to the streets of Long and Big Ditch):
have sacrificed so a total of 2 hours (3 minutes a day) and noticed the 75 breaches. None of the drivers did not destroy the whole lawn, but each has made its "brick" to this process (of which I informed you many times.) These observations have documented the visual material is available at .

Please give the total number of mandates issued by the State for failure to park their cars in the specified location (on lawns, sidewalks, reserved parking facilities, etc.)..
Comparing these two numbers will determine the orientation, the extent to which you react to offenses committed on the territory of Torun.

The President of Toruń:

As a resident of Torun, and while maintaining financial and taxpayer service city, watching with concern the effectiveness of their work. Many of the problems of Torun is either resolved at a snail's pace, or not solved at all, despite the electrolyte circulation of money for not a few "targets." Just to remind loud billboard awareness campaign inhabitants of the city of Torun faecal pollution problem dogs. The money spent and the effect?

I do not agree to this, to city institutions, with taxpayer money - through trial and error - learn how to work with. On the one hand, waste of money, on the other - my home town, which has great potential, is sentenced to dirt, noise, hooliganism and infrastructure collapse (on page I was able to document the case as the DGP by few months lawn, fencing, and it's just that it did not fence - although the indication of my workmanship.)

municipal services are not suspended in a vacuum - Their work should be reviewed. For example, I chose the Municipal Police, and therefore, I would ask the following questions:

  • who shall verify the efficiency of the Municipal Police,
  • or is being carried out comparative - ie in a given period of time as the events requiring the intervention of the inspector noted the SM and how the actual intervention occurred
  • when the last inspection, As it was done and what results they bring.

enclose a letter addressed to the Municipal Police, which is both a civic attempt such an audit.


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