Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dunking Tank Blue Prints

29: Commentary on the letters received

Letters were addressed to the Mayor and the Municipal Police, but that there is also a reference to the DGP, so first of fencing lawn. Agrees that human ingenuity is endless (especially in evading the law), but the DGP also seems to be inexhaustible in fuszerowaniu work performed. If you dug a few bars on one side of the lawn would be the same security, on whom it rests MZD? On-the-Pooh Bears of very Little Brain?

As for clue to the problem, one word defines the current state - helplessness. Relevant agencies are paid by taxpayers, the tasks are known, but no ... and here begins the translation of the clinic, it is difficult that the scale of the problem, etc.. It is very curious that no one even listens to the translation shoemaker, tailor, baker, a taxi driver that the scale of the problem that the wife that the child that installment, that ... We pay and require. So why

other regulation, and other metrics are used for municipal offices?

This one promised in the letters of the Municipal Guard (while the Mayor), an increase of their powerlessness (sic) is well known to those who destroy the city - the wild drivers, chuliganerii, etc. Not with the letters, only with practice. With so rachitycznym response to a positive pattern of misconduct inevitable punishment of the offender does not exist, just the opposite - an almost certainty is to be impunity.

problem is not solved under the influence of explanations, descriptions of the difficulties of the problem. You have to take with him behind bars - in Torun so far is the same strokes.

These figures are issued credentials and overwhelming and depressing. In comparative tests in May will proceed and will give here the results.


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