Thursday, April 28, 2011

Clipart Earthquake Drill

28: Response from the Municipal Police

In response to your letter dated 10 April 2011 on the parking on the lawn of a devastated street. Legions inform you that the Municipal Police officers in Torun, in all seriousness approach described problems by taking appropriate measures against drivers violating the parking regulations in the areas of green cars. The problem of regularity of car parking on the street Legion in Torun (near the roundabout Čadca) was included in the ad hoc tasks for the patrol operating in that spot, in order to carry out systematic checks. The specificity of the place, and especially the fact that in the nearby medical clinic, causes the problem is epidemic, and cyclical. Therefore, the question of increased inspections are carried out with different times of day. However, the implemented activities are carried out in a timely fashion, since there was no possibility to set the location indicated by your post permanent.

Municipal Police in Torun, in addition to issues related to supervision over the order and control in traffic, has in its range of statutory powers other tasks, including such tasks related to the protection of peace and order in public places, whether related to security events. I am aware of the fact that, for each applicant, it was his declaration is the most priority. However, the Municipal Guard on duty in Torun, the year about 13,000 such applications (the figures for 2010 are exactly 13,173 applications accepted.) I take the view that it is the number declarations adopted by the Municipal Guard on duty in Torun clearly demonstrates a need for functioning in the community of the Municipal Police and its integral role and relevance in the implementation of tasks related to security, public peace and order in our city. In 2010, against drivers violating the provisions of the interventions undertaken were 12,043 and 1,765 times undertaken interventions related to the disruption of peace and public order, and also included 26 offenders have been beaten, 24 perpetrators of violence of hooligans and 20 persons wanted by the police.

Going back to your case, to inform you that on 20.09.2010, the Municipal Police requested the Municipal Board in Torun Road requested a lawn restoration and to consider the possibility of setting technical protection that prevents the entry of vehicles to the designated area. By letter dated 27/9/2010, the Municipal Roads Administration announced that it has applied to the proper entity to request the restoration of green areas, including the site. The case was directed to a security review by the Road Safety Commission operating in the Municipal Board of Roads in Torun. Based on reviews of the above Commission, employees of the Roads cordoned the area in question pillars preventing a vehicle entrance. As it turns out inventiveness drivers and inventiveness knows no borders, and despite setting the posts, they found another way to park on the site.

Referring to earlier reports to inform you that the guards have taken steps to clarify the effect of which performed their duties to the people directing cars out in images taken by the Lord.
Referring to your question on the number of imposed fines in connection with actions carried out by the Lord in that place to inform you that the Municipal Police do not keep statistics on interventions at the individual properties or specific locations. Statistics conducted only allows to refer to certain streets located in our city. In the period from 01/01/2011 until 14/04/2011, the Municipal Police officers took the street. Legions in Torun total of 33 intervention ended with the imposition of the mandate of the criminal. 21 interventions were made to the drivers, improperly parked vehicles, and 5 interventions related to destruction green, or misconduct referred to the wording of Article. 144 § 1 of the Act of 20 May 1971 - the Code of Petty Offences (Journal of Laws of 2010, No. 46, item. 275, as amended. D..), Which states that: "Who ground intended for use destroys or damages public or vegetation prevents the destruction of vegetation by animals under its supervision, or in areas intended for public use trampled grass or lawn in places other than designated for recreational purposes by a competent manager of land, subject to a fine of up to 000 gold or penalty of reprimand. "important from the point of view, this provision is the result of what must call the perpetrator of this offense. According to the commentary to the above-cited article "destruction" of vegetation to be understood as the destruction of plants or render unfit for further use (eg by ripping), and "damage" means a violation of the physical plant matter (eg, detachment from the plant part) - for Boleslaw Kurzępa , Code violations - a comment, Issue 1, LexisNexis, Warszawa 2008, p. No 479th It is very important, because the offender (the driver who park on the lawn) is often an indication that nothing is damaged, or destroyed, and in many cases, the offender indicates that he stood on the site already damaged.

is worth stressing the fact that the legal response to the officer on the offense is individual. Each case is examined on the basis of aggravating or mitigating circumstances arising, among others. the wording of Article. 33 - Violations of the Code. As a result of these circumstances, an offender may be cautioned or stays fine imposed on him in the form of the mandate of the criminal law, or draw up a proposal for the punishment of the District Court's Criminal Division XII.

The episode
Street. Legions will continue to be subject to immediate scrutiny from the Municipal Police in Torun, however, due to the lack of continuous monitoring, if you see a distressing situation or criminal offenses, please provide information on duty of the Municipal Police toll-free telephone number to 986 enable rapid response and, consequently, to take effective actions by the Municipal Police in Torun.


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