Monday, March 21, 2011

Holden Caulfield's Sayings

18: Destruction of Torun

Felling of trees in Torun is not new - as long as I live in Torun (and lived here all my life) I have not seen that although the municipal authorities have set up a park. However, the reverse activity is visible - and it's cutting down trees in bulk, preferably together with the construction of roads for cars. Especially active are the municipal authorities under the presidency of Mr. Michael Zaleski - officially are positive and desirable investment. The problem is that these pseudo-investments tear Torun, and more and wider highways form a self-contained enclave in the city. It is increasingly difficult to navigate the city on foot and by car and is not easier. Not to mention life in the city as such (eg, opportunities healthy, active recreation). And it gets worse - enough to mention the next mega-store at Highway Chelmno (in place Uniwersamu).

So what are the kind of investment? In our (and our children's) future disease? The city ghettos?

Below are some photos of a section of street. Dirt between the Legion and fallows, 17 and 18 March were cut in the trunk all the trees surrounding the walkway and bicycle path. I do not have plans for that area, maybe a stretch, "because that" (a very popular model), and perhaps "because the movement of cars on the street requires the enlargement X" (which of course will result in even greater movement, the popular model).

That is degraded is on the UNESCO ...


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