Monday, September 13, 2010

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EAR! Interview with Eduardo Galeano

"Perhaps no one has been able to more fairly apply the classic expression of that was done at night in the middle of the day because his life cut short and reproduces the show those trees upright, vigorous, handsome, which seem destined to grow still long to the sun, which, however, the storm suddenly Abbe with a blow of his ax flaming forged within the dark clouds. "These beautiful words were spoken by Emilio Frugoni when there was mourning the tragic death of Dr. Washington Beltrán.
And it strikes me that are applicable in all his eloquence to the disappearance of the young player of the Club Nacional de Football Diego Rodriguez, whom the storm "or Moira of the ancient Greeks, or some god envious of youth in bloom "was abruptly late last week. Seldom irrationality of life has assumed a garment so eloquent. Diego is not the first, and surely not the last athlete to die in a traffic accident. But in other cases it may be a rational recess of the disaster: one drink too many, the thrill of speed that is usually common to all young people, the treacherous darkness of night. This does not fit any of these explanations, he left his house of tomorrow, with the idea of \u200b\u200bdoing some special exercises that had been recommended, fully lucid and owner of all his faculties. The catastrophe was surprised at an intersection that surely had many times, without the benefit any negligence on his part.
That must be one of the reasons why your abrupt disappearance, which occurred at age 22, just as adolescence is behind us and life will open as a path strewn with flowers Ubérrimo and has caused such deep sorrow throughout society. The applause that gave him, for example, the fans of Penarol at the beginning of the game against Barcelona in the Copa Sudamericana was a powerfully emotional fact, a welcome exception to a war of biases that sometimes seems to stop or even to the most sacred.
It would have to have a heart of stone not to mourn "the eyes of the soul, which are those that do not pretend or deceive" the high hopes that were dashed when the vehicle he was traveling Diego the years of happiness and fulfillment that will never come, children who never see the light, the dreams that have faded with the last breath of his chest crushed. Death has taken away all that beautiful background, leaving, in the seat he occupied, a desolate and silent void. But as compensation, he also left the gift of eternal youth, the miracle of having avoided decrepitude and decay, the indelible smile on his face that always saved for those who loved him who knew him and all that, above gray patina of time that will pass once evoke his figure and his memory.
Some consolation, no doubt, but the only idea that can convince us that life, the mystery that sometimes seems a supernatural gift and the curse of some other evil spirit, it pays to be busy. The reason says that life span is a cycle that passes through childhood, youth, fullness, decay and death, inevitable flipside, the ultimate meaning of the passage through this world. When this cycle is so short of premature and absurd, the spirit rises up and up towards the heavens his clenched fist, is an injustice, a violent rupture of the essential harmony, the lie to all the hopes and, finally, a spooky warning.
Yet even those who do not believe in survival beyond the grave, must accept that along with lots of joy that never caught on, death has been well who knows what unsuspected pain, what superhuman burden of frustration and unhappiness, what terrifying nightmares, such that each day we must face that, only apparently, we are more fortunate than himself, to keep the dubious privilege of age. Diego Rodriguez, the "Ear" has been in your gym bag not only the goals that will never, never give kisses and loves and will not alter the pulse of his heartbeat, was also charged with the grim clouds threaten happiness with the mourners and countless wounds which implies the existence. And stop, as a last farewell, the clear, indelible image of eternal youth, that human beings are looking
from the depths of time. There is certainly a destination negligible. Lincoln


Original title: The night half of the day