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"Messi is the best in the world because it continues playing like a little kid in his neighborhood"
Both the Argentine star Diego Maradona as the selection of Uruguay or plowed title contenders this extensive interview the Uruguayan writer, confessed lover of football, acknowledged, during the World Cup moves in "Planet Ball, just round, but smaller."

Starting next Saturday through the end of the 2010 World Cup itself, as has been happening for a long time and every four years to the day, Eduardo Galeano display a sign on his door: "Closed for football." The gesture, more fun and diplomatic "no hassle" of the hotels (and who could accompany with "I'm working for you, we'll see), anyway it seems unnecessary:" During I'm the global directory of Planet Earth. I'm moving Ball Planet, just round but smaller. I dedicate myself to watch all the games, or at least try, because it always happens that one I miss. But what I mean is that I feel a cold beer in front of the TV and get into a ball. And why not go out until the World Cup ends. It's that simple. "

but not yet started the World Cup. And the Uruguayan writer, before being lost in the maze of fixtures and times, those particular coordinates Ball Planet when the scene is far away, talked about everything (in the program of Puntin, Ediciones Al Arco, AM 970, Genesis Radio, Saturday 13 to 14). He talked about Lionel Messi: "It's the best in the world because it continues playing like a little kid in the neighborhood." Diego Maradona spoke: "It's been unfairly attacked, and although one thing to be a player and another technician, still must be given time and space." In short, spoke of soccer.

- Still have the same football-long relationship?

"Absolutely. I could not be away from football. Soccer am addicted. And this comes from the most distant childhood because my father took me to the stadium when I was still a baby. And then, of course, all my life playing football.

- He played well?

-No. Bad, very bad. Entreala was right, which today would be a midfielder but I was always a bungler, a wooden leg. So eventually I resigned, I accepted my fate and I ended up trying to write to see if I could do by hand so that her feet could not do before.

"But these attempts were only temporary until the appearance of Football in Sun and Shadow.

"True. Until this book I had written very little about football, but after I took the issue more seriously. Finally did what I wanted: to play football with the words and my way. In this book I'll update then of each World Cup, and that also has to do with it "closed for football."

-Exercise of uniting literature and football, of course, it is increasingly accepted, or at least become more common.

-I welcome the people who write very well and did not hide his passion for soccer. When I was 20, went to Uruguay, a leftist independent newspaper. Called time and had good response with 35 000 copies. We were all very young and capable of such madness, a wonderful experience in which no one was paid and that all militants, some 5 billion, were shareholders. So I remember very well what were the assemblies, 200 or 300 people until seven o'clock, where I had to step up and defend the pages devoted to football. It was the fiercest fight of all, because the leftists that was squandered five or six pages of a spokesman for the working class, an oligarchic daily to devote to football, the "opium of the people." Only now the left is being cured of the disease in accusing the football people do not think. Now intellectuals have no shame.

- What expect from this World Cup as a fan and as an intellectual?

"May I offer a feast for the eyes. This prodigy of beauty football is. Obviously I want to win Uruguay, Uruguay and if not they are in Argentina or Brazil, countries that feel closer. But first I'm a fan of good football.

"Beyond the colors ...

"Beyond the colors. In my childhood was rabid fan National. Was the slope (the popular) behind the arc, ie the platform more and more violent penniless, for at that time I also fajaba as anybody else. It was quite pugnacious. He was 11, 12, 13. But over time I discovered that mine is football, especially when someone offers me this event, the well-played football. When that miracle occurs, I appreciate that no matter the team or selection. And more: National parties including, I confess that I often secretly, to win the less powerful, smaller. As I once told a English friend: "You are doomed, because you'll always be part of the bull." Never the bullfighter. So I was happy the title of Argentinos Juniors, the possibility of breaking the monopoly beyond that I have friends who are fans.

- Is it going to court?

"Yes, I still go. It is curious, to say masochistic, because the rare football Once I returned to the stage something that looks like the expectation that leads me. I hope to see a show beautiful and very rare occurrence.

- And what do you attribute the insistence?

"First, the difference, for example, between film and theater. One thing to watch the game at the stadium, where you can hear the breathing of the players, and something else is seeing it on television. But I also think it has to do with some residue of my Catholic upbringing.

- How's that?

"I had a very Catholic childhood. He believed in God and believed that God believed in me. Now I do not believe in the sky, or pain, or pain that praise the Catholic Church put me in, but I must have been some residual effect of that learning: that everything that you suffer on earth will be rewarded in heaven. Must be that which brings me to court! But I also take the show to the public, the fervor, these waves of excitement you feel when people are on your side and not when you see it on TV or what have you. And the occurrences of the people! I remember there was a national player, Climbing, who kicked 90 times that arc, was just one goal. In the other shouted: "With the shoe not the horseshoe no!". That is also part the festival of football and it's something I've always been a listener, enjoy a special way. "From that

Catholic childhood and soccer, what else remembers fondly particular?

-The wall of my room, which had a crucifix surrounded by figurines. There were Rinaldo Martino, that of San Lorenzo, and many others who played in National. It was all glued figurines wall around the crucifix. And below, as to not see much because they were "enemies" of Peñarol, had also stuck a (John) Schiaffino or (July) Abbadie. I enjoyed watching them both! Abbadie was able to get the ball rolling off the pure lateral line and feints, without touching it, would elude their rivals. I would write as Abbadie played. I like the football, the banks, that of the wing, which in English means wing. Abbadie was a man with wings.

"Like Garrincha.

"Exactly. I was lucky to see him play twice in Rio. It was like watching Charlie Chaplin on the court. Garrincha enjoyed as a play and ended up sitting on the ball, after leaving all his rivals on the road, causing, as saying "let's see if I pulled it." Then some wanted him beheaded because sometimes I did not even score a goal.

- Messi is the player profile "Outskirts"?

"I think Messi is the best in the world because they lost the joy of playing for the simple fact of playing. In that sense it is not professional. There are those who write for pleasure and are those who write to fulfill the contract or make money. Messi plays like a little kid in his neighborhood, not silver. How is inserted, how to cheat, this playfulness that is so nice to see in the pastures. When professional football disappoint me too, I go by the Rambla de Montevideo to do to small children playing in the camper.

- And Diego? How do you view it in its role as technical director?

"I think it been unfairly attacked. One thing to be a player and a coach, but it needs time and space, see what happens. What happens is that Maradona has to carry a heavy cross on his back, called Maradona. It is very hard to be God in this world, and more difficult to prove that the gods are not allowed to retire, which must remain gods at all costs. And Maradona is unique, the most famous athlete in the world, although for years he no longer plays, that need to prominence arising from the worldwide popularity it has.

"In his latest book, Mirrors, speaks of Diego as a" god dirty. "

"But not in a insulting. I mean it's the most human of the gods, because it's like any of us. Arrogant, womanizing, weak ... We are all well! We are made of human clay, so people recognize it for that very reason. There is a god from above the sky shows its purity and punishing us. So at least it looks like a god is virtuous pagan divinity is Maradona. That explains his prestige. We recognize him for his virtues, but also for its shortcomings.

- Have you considered capable of leading Argentina to World Cup in South Africa?

"Argentina is one of the favorites to win the Cup for the richness of campus with this I am not reinvent the wheel. But Maradona's talk in those terms seems disproportionate, because today is given to the technical importance to me and ends without hurting them: in fact they are almost solely responsible for a defeat. Is another deformation of football: the technician is given a scientific aura, as if Einstein were colleagues. Before it was not known who the coaches. The best I met was a man called Coppola, who directed the team of a very small town in Uruguay, Nico Perez. Was a barber, one day he took the great and put a sign on your site: "Closed for excess capital." The thing is that all the tactics and strategy Cóppola all came down to the following: accompanied his players on the court, the pat on the back as they were leaving and I said, simply, "Boys, good luck! ".

-On outside the strictly sports could harm the way of Argentina in the World Cup as mediated presence of some bars in South Africa?

"It would be a shame, taking Argentina as much as the players, who muddy the field for a subject. In principle, the fact that travel with the squad caused me concern. But I hope it does not happen any disaster, not tarnish what I believe will be a high shine, there are no episodes of violence by those fans who love football just as the drunks do not love wine. Among many other things, Da Vinci wrote a book on which collected tales from the Tuscan region of Italy, and then talked about: the offense of a bottle of wine in the bad way that took the drunk. I always thought it was a very fair story and the same relationship between football and the fans of violence, the relief that the worst thing that make the human soul.

- How about Uruguay? How do you see?

"I think it was greatly improved with respect to time not so past. What happens is that Uruguay is still an exporter of "on site". Sell \u200b\u200blabor and, in the case of the players, on-site. There are over two hundred Uruguayans abroad. Have that much outside in a country where people come in Avellaneda, talks about how we are bled. The period of splendor of our players we see on TV. Anyway, depending on the quality of players, because something is called the world's major leagues, I have the illusion that Uruguay play nice, play well. Although we are not who we were.

- In what sense? "There's

part of the story that seems inexplicable: how a tiny country uninhabited and could win the football gold medal at the 1924 Olympics and 1928 World Cup in Uruguay in 1930 and could win in the Maracana in Brazil World 1950, against all odds. But that is an explanation: the fruitful role that the Uruguayan government had in the early twentieth century. Uruguay was in the forefront of world education free, secular, free and compulsory, with a creative role, and there was composed of physical education. Sports fields planted throughout the country. Not to mention many other things: the eight working hours before the United States, the female vote before In France, the law of divorce 60 years earlier than in Spain ... stuff. That explains how a tiny country could reach as high. But the state lost the power of change, it was deflating, and that lack of continuity in the creative vocation of public power was reflected in football. So I say we are no longer who we were.

"The player is not what it was.

"That's true. The people place a huge burden on them. This fattens the ego of those receiving massive praise, but also represents a heavy burden. There is a very evil thing there.

- What is time?

-Making then flip them idols. It is a double-edged sword, in short. People recognize the joy of a player when he wins or plays well. But it also makes them responsible for the collective misery when he loses. For there the soul of many people are de-sinfla.

By Julio Boccalatte and Marcos González Cezer of


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