Friday, May 14, 2010

1 Juan 4 7-12 Spanish

111 years of Gloria

1899-14 May - 2010

Dean of Uruguayan football

From the Journal very happy birthday to all bags, which are in Uruguay and those who are scattered throughout the world ...

offer today in the tops, that are and those that come , for families, for those who changed their platform as Don Dante, Cococho or Mario Benedetti, to maintain the values \u200b\u200band not lose them, the fidelity , that cause so much damage to strangers, for being different, for us all, with pride bag being raised a new cup. Health

Bolsilludos !

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dewalt Charger Schematic Diagram

First in the pocket

La Gallina not change again, always back to 5 to 1, 0 13 to 1, or 15 against father, son and wife, do not change more TABLE wimp.

why are the Gallina del Uruguay

Friday, May 7, 2010

Samature Surgen 2 Walk Through

Final undreamed

Nacional 0 - Cruzeiro 3


being eliminated by the Brazilian team before a packed Central Park, no other option. Think of the final against Peñarol. And we knew: it was difficult because of the role that the team did in Belo Horizonte, but the fans died as anxiety turn it around at home, as a mark of history and hope.

120 minutes before the meeting, the avenue Long Montevideo, General Rivera, exhibiting thousands of fans, and although the night began to be cool, nothing prevents the singing of the boys with his shirt bag and the diver's arms as they walked.

Some, mostly young adults, chose to go about doing prior to the radio, and not afraid to turn up the volume not a city bus full of tricolor due October 8. The meal was served.

The Great Central Park, the euphoria can not be larger. The national income is something memorable, lights, fireworks, paper, and a single shout from the rooftops: "tricolor, tricolor, tricolor."

But there are occasions where what sports than to the wishes of a people. Cruzeiro becomes the first goal, and the first time takes the visitor not only with one foot in the quarterfinals, but it takes all our distress.

The second half was to forget. The second goal came as a thunderbolt. And with the expulsions and the third goal that sparked a phenomenon more interesting, to blow the dough definitely tricolor.

Every night I step on the National stadium, either to emerge victorious, or to be beaten like yesterday, one thing is clear: National, is much more than football.

Y people do their catharsis, and is joined by much more than that ... football. The crowd singing sport. Many shouted "ole, ole" ironically to pain, others silent. But all agree on something, a repertoire of songs shakes the cement of our field to make it clear that you have to beat Peñarol.

And that message reached the locker room. "It's all brother, you are now thinking about the finals, to relax with family, and to respond to people, they would have to respond" early reflections of an insider in the silent costume tricolor. Regueiro, at a press conference, reiterated that he felt great discomfort for not people responded to that point topped the park, encouraged, took the defeat, and left in peace. Knowing the big picture is win, but lose to know chivalry is giant

And the reference to the show that gave people was and will be, discussed at length. Those who saw him on TV deal with Fox Sports commentators, who did not give credit to the endurance of the people, before a full party game.

after midnight, the referee of the match, Argentina's Federico Beligoy, was approached by a lady at the outlet of the rostrum Jose Maria Delgado. Carlos Anaya on the street had no more than ten people. No one was left. The lady, laughing police custody, approached him and said, "Argentina, I noticed a little parochial judge, did not charge us even a dubious foul, no foul on the edge of the area." Far from answering, Beligoy approached her, put her hand on his shoulder, the other in his heart, and whispered, "Look, since I became a professional referee never lived something similar to what I felt on the court tonight at the last twenty minutes. It was unique, that people support their team took me in your heart. "

I just returned from Parque ... and always in these situations is where I want more write and try to express what I feel for Nacional.

lost were more, there is no excuse, it is also true that I like very much to lose this way ... but you know what? Every day, every second, every game more and more grateful to be a fan of the National ... by old, old thanks!.
I can not be more proud of me, of you, of that. Because I'm somewhat proud of all (or almost all) ... Because it welcomes and encourages you (which fortunately were the majority) but it is also the whore, because he has anger, because he is thirsty ... thirst for victory.

But they could, but you can, because history instructs, always was and always will and if anyone has history, this is National. I do not put in the paper are the best ever (that are) but look we've lived through, that there are stories, feats, facts ... not so many that fall in this mail.

invented the word balloons, the term "dying for this shirt," the dam to the head ... and these are just some of the things that come to mind at 01:30 am.

'm happy to have these players, these managers, by the technician. Insulted today, yesterday applauded, forget tomorrow ... know why ... because even the biggest idol is forgotten at some point, so do not forget the passion, the feeling, the tears of anger or the goose bumps of excitement ...

Today look at the people, their reactions, almost all valid, but you know ... are different, no doubt we are.
I hope every day that passes, the National People this more and more united, because National does its people great!! and besides being a great slogan, is a great truth!. Who makes great National Not Us? National is not without us nothing, we are National and National's us. Let it all together paddling, supporting, whoring too, but respecting National and that's us so we would respect us too.

Now come the end, we continue making a difference, we remain different, we show what we are. More than ever

And I am more than ever committed to the cause A LARGE NATIONAL MAKES ITS PEOPLE.

PDHoy my old man gave me the joy of becoming a national partner, the one that made me the biggest fan, let your pride aside and joined the cause .. until I dropped a tear ...
Together, together ... ALWAYS

Martin Ciappesoni

Monday, May 3, 2010

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THIS WEDNESDAY Copa Libertadores Final Clausura 2010


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Nacional 3 - 1

the closing is over, after 1-1 draw Fenix \u200b\u200band losing 3-1 to Cruzeiro in Belo Horizonte National Cerrito 3-1 to win it and I think in a rematch of Wednesday with the Brazilians.
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