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How To Dress For Military Retirement

Grande between large Copa Libertadores

Cococho forum changed, not feeling ...

Iron Horse Yakuza Kumicho Preço

2 / 0 Morelia

The win goes to 8th. as group winners. We expected
Cruzeiro Libertadores finalist last

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Samlpe Of Wedding Vote Of Thanks

COCOCH Farewell. Closing

In the morning, passed away at age 71.

Date of Birth: February 10, 1939 in Montevideo
or left back Back

Sports National Biography, South America and Venezuela boxes

Performance in National From 1954 to 1970

is the player who played more games defending Nacional in history.

National Champion titles in all four divisional youth time champion Uruguay.

Popularly known as "Cococho", played in what is now called the line of four. Anticipate how little I knew, using intuition as much as he strode to become powerful magnet of the ball his left leg.

His football was barely present and analyze it on a page that is intended to be evocative. Remove and good delivery at ground level, impassable by high, your head is "the graveyard of the centers." He went on the attack, has become goals, but mainly dominated by a cave where everything seemed so simple.

received the greatest public recognition ever given to a player in our country, a tribute match between Nacional and the rest of America.

On December 10, 1969, forty thousand people shouted in unison CO-CO-CHO in the Estadio Centenario in Montevideo, while it raised his hand in gratitude for the event.

played since its inception in 1954, in the lower National. In the beginning was entreala or left winger and later went on to play fullback. He made his debut in first division in 1959 Ondino Viera being technical. A year later consolidated into a defense whose final triangle formed Taibo or Sosa, and Emilio Álvarez Troche.

Played 511 matches being played more parties that defended throughout our national history.

was Uruguayan Champion on four occasions (1963, 66, 69 and 70) and 18 times for the blue jersey.

They called him "Mister Wembley when he was selected to join the team of" Rest of the World ", as the representative of Uruguay, at a party commemorating the centenary of the English League in 1963, played in stadium Wembley. Captain

tricolor in most of his career with the dawn jacket, completed its cycle victorious in 1970.
defended in 1971 to South America, migrating to Venezuela a year later, the country where his career ended in 1973.

was never sold because it was considered a symbol of the club, exclusive to National.

Following, a note by the Portal Chronicles, by Gerardo Tagliferro which is the latest that have been done a year ago and is worth reading.

1) Cococho Why?
Well, we looked at books with the meaning of words and can not find it. When I started there was a humorous Nacional those who always is, and put me names. My nickname Pocho and it was put me Cococho.

2) Do you know that after many Cococho? I read an interview with a Colombian meteorologist, named Alvarez, who said that he knew this was a great Uruguayan football player, a big brown walking with knees inward.
There are a number. There was an Argentine player, after a Colombian, and now in Argentina there are two. Back in Colombia had a tip marker, and I encouraged him from Venezuela. I laugh, because there are race horses, dogs, cats, and also Gurises newborns who begin to call them, as a nickname, Cococho. It flatters me.

3) Did you have problems in legs?
I had when I arrived at National. I fell to my knees in a field beyond the promenade, a court of that time, pure earth, stone and glass. I kept playing and when I got home my knee as well (the size of a soccer ball). But no court gave him because he had to go to practice at the National.

4) Did you have a serious knee injury? Were the meniscus, when the meniscus did not know how to fix them. In National because I wanted to run out 1,100 pesos. A masseuse and a doctor's assistant said Emilio How ordered? We buy and take care. No, no, National puts it, they said. And put it. But doctor who operated on me did not know anything because no one knew anything about it just be beginning. I said that is what God wants, let's see if I saved, but I'm not playing. The day after the operation the doctor came and made me bend your leg. I did not want, because I had eight hooks bigs. You're "or am I the doctor? He said. Until today I have the scar. Bandaged my knee and I was discharged. I grabbed her and went to see a doctor Nacional; when I saw I had all the wet pants, water and a little red. It broke my pants, it was Unknown years old, and when I saw the leg called the other doctor on the phone and relaxed throughout. You'll have three or four months, he said. Until I do not return, I come to see you, I said. And kept the leg inside.

5) That did not stop play. No.
whim and will of one, and support from the German (John) Kirchberg (kinesthetic Nacional), which to me was sensational. Thanks to him I could play. I went to Camino Maldonado and he started talking, telling me things, and as I set foot on an exercise machine.

6) "He did not have knee problems?
Yes, I had. The knee, in, is round and bones, tiny little things I do not remember their names. It went over and stayed there and it bothered me. I was playing in Paraguay, with selection, and locked me in every endeavor. He hit a tap and got to within, and thus to each little bit. And so I played. Losing the job in the selection? Nooo
7) What was it that pushed him to the sacrifice?
was the satisfaction that you have inside, something you did well. Something you did for people.

8) At this moment the dream was not a move to Europe.
Nothing. When they started to scream my name, because we were losing or tying and had to win, and asked me to head out to the area, you can imagine it's a very nice feeling. If I could do whatever they asked me, a joy for me was awesome.

9) What was to enter a packed stadium in a classic? Voltage
not. It is nerve boy. We all had years of playing many games, we knew each other.

10) Did you have friends with players hairstyle?
Sure. If you had to push and give you a smack, it was, but ended the game and we were friends. We played a classic, finished the game and there was trouble. We won 1 to 0. There was a gurí who came to slug with a flag of hair and Sasías Pepe, playing with them, ran and kicked him to believe that even today the buttocks hurt. And before I had conceded to me every big iron.

11) Is it true that one day he hit a punch to Lito Silva? Yes
With him there it was. Which required players to comb was the Pepe Sasías: Dale, do not be a wimp because if you do not hit me, I said, eh. Still I have marked three of the five blocks of Lito, I fell to the ground and stepped on me (noting the neck). I grabbed the leg, fell to the ground and I shot the neck.

12) What were frequent in the classic trouble?
Yes, that day the Chola Mendez hit Maspoli (coach comb), because he had been glued to a national player and he came in and wanted to give as well. I say: You're stupid, why pa you get inside? . And he said, and as is the Chola Mendez spoke from behind and pulled down two teeth, and let your mouth And I was there, and suddenly hit me back: it was the Chiquito Mazurkiewicz, who went running and when I wanted I was running next to the tunnel to go down. It was believed that it was I who had hit Maspoli. And I said, I will not go well. I saw Lito and hit a pineapple I threw it away. Photo left The next day, and that picture gave us two games each.

13) La took cheap. Yes, today I am great friend of him. As every year, I do not even remember me, I'm parking the car in Cologne and comes back and hits me the door. I went down and we hugged.

14) Do you feel an idol?
Look, I do not know or want to know. I like. I played football with the conviction of not being embarrassed in front of so many people and tried to do what they knew they wanted. After practice I spent an hour and a half trying to polish mistakes.

15) What ever happened shame? I spent
shame and it was not playing badly, it was for an own goal. And another for having missed a penalty in the Estadio Centenario in the reserve. And in Ecuador, Chile wanted to draw from and went over the goalkeeper. Fortunately that was not here, because if they kill me. We were winning 3 to 0 and end up 3 to 2.

16) Parties with the Argentines in the Libertadores, was it war?
Pride. Pride. They are proud and pedantic, and is believed superior to us. And then cried. In the Libertadores, if we had strikers, have won all the finals we played.
17) What was bad was the National?
I went wrong. I was fired.

18) Why? A person
I told him a thief. And where it all started three executives appeared that I carried the load. I had bought a Mustang and I was called to headquarters to convince me to sell it and buy something else and the money left over I put it in the bank. Why I can not have a Mustang? , I said. The same with the house. I liked a house in Carrasco and wanted to buy. I was already owing a million-plus, and went to look and said "I have not got the house and will have it? . And so it began, would not let me buy anything, if I had my money the National, not me.
19) were silver Is yours?
I got it in three years. When I was released, there was a deal of 280 pesos month, but when I gave would charge 80 pesos, 50 pesos

20) Did he make good money with football?
I arrived at the football was poor and I just like.
21) Why? Because some people of his generation who could buy a house in Carrasco, for example.
But they (the leaders) had me tied up, would not let me go. In Argentina there was no box that I wanted, I wanted to Valencia. The Real Madrid through Santamaría I ran a test in the World Cup and was not. They played with me, played all the time with me. Once I discovered that if I went with the team, both paid abroad. If not I, was collapsing. What does it is?

22) Who are the leaders it accuses National?
not people who no longer is. I just want to have an apartment to the street that I'm content, I do not want to be rich, I live what I have to live in peace.

23) National Is employee now?
I worked there and still charging but is not gonna work. But they pay me laugh. It's like they're doing you a favor.

24) Is that your only income?
I have a pension that came out new and is a more-but can not find where my stuff. I can not find, something always happens. There are 8 thousand dollars to get paid. Mine all started here, that that I came to Venezuela because he was in great poverty, is a lie. He had two laburos.

25) Why again? Because I narrowed
shots. I ate two coups and there are not going to spin. At six p.m. estate in your home because they catch you out and

26) Did you have problems?
I had no problems, there laburo like crazy, too bad you do not pay much. But I had two jobs and coming phenomenon in the Club Italo-Venezolano and the International Athletic Club, which was in the mountains, with a divine landscape.

27) Is it true that Washington wanted to take Cataldi what hairstyle? Yes
He chased me if I say yes I can assure you that after the World Cup (in 1966) came right to comb.
28) Do not want to play in hair?
Not that I wanted. The point is that I said to him, if he would play to comb the National swollen and I was going to get dirty whore like crazy, I was going to hate. And combing was going to have to get used to me and would not be easy. I told him and he said Cataldi: Stop fooling around, do not give ball to these things, you have to be professional. I preferred to live quietly and peacefully.

29) then ended up playing in South America.
And finally I went to South America because it was with anger by traps I did. And in those traps entered the pulp (Etchamendi).

30) "National Etchamendi came with the slogan that you should go?
came to that. A player who was in National and Colon de Santa Fe came and told me that when the pulp was in Columbus was angry with him because he was the idol of me, and said: Look, I'm about to go national or hairstyle; if I echo the Tito Gonçalvez comb, and if I echo Emilio National I do not like people who want both. When was forced to hit me kicks. I can not see that you do not give kicks, enforce the kilos that you have above. And the Black Cubilla warming: If you play phenomenon, why do you want to kick? . And then other people started sawing. The last was that I ran like seven or eight times. One day I called the joint venture and explained why.

31) If you say so called UTE is obvious who is speaking.
Yes, but do not tell. Died. When my father died I had no money, but mine had it they (the leaders). I talked to him and told him that if my father died that night I had no weight. He told me not to worry, to come the next day, that despite being half-day holiday opening. I spent all morning waiting someone to come. My father died and suffered as a madman. The fans gave me a house and it never ended. Those who put money or know what happened.

32) What happened?
and did not finish. Then I did a tribute match for the years I had in the National and the collection was for me. I spent three months to give me the money and when I go to the Association and told them what was happening, I spoke to who had sold 33 000 tickets and had about 45 thousand people. But besides the money I owed for the contract, made the game to put it together.

33) "But you paid that money?
Do not you say? At three months. And that was part of the debt they owed.
34) Paco "Casal or Tenfield have come to lend a hand? Look
not know. Paco recently spoke of a pension for old players, and appointed me. I appreciate that, but wonder, what? Need I die, passing problems? And helping others. I do not want to be rich. I want to give an apartment to the street, if it is here (in your area) phenomenon, and money to give me control that. Nothing more. I do not want to be rich. And Paco spoke but then appeared no more.

35) You joined the squad that went to the World Cup in England in 1966. Is it true that players Uruguay and Argentina came close to not show up to the quarter-final matches against Germany and England, which eventually lost to two highly controversial refereeing?
No, but when we would find ourselves in a farewell party that was being played with all the delegations that were falling by the wayside. And there we discussed how we had cooked. That was a pig.
36) In the game that Uruguay lost 4 to 0 with Germany, was accused of having sold Trocche player. What do you think?
People do not know what he says. They all say the same thing: Tell me why you think it was sold. Ah, because he was there, I say. Lie, he stayed there, he came here and played in National and then went to Cerro. And then took him to Germany, a man who was in charge of Adidas shoes here, a friend of him. Not sold, to be a rotten soul, all right, but not sold.

37) Is it true that once grabbed a fellow Manga stealing in the locker room? Look
I'm going to say because he had a hard time. Committed an ugly error was discovered. We made a trap and entered.
38) How was it? Missed
silver in a room. We collected 70 000 pesos for a party and I was collecting, as captain, a tip for those who cleaned in lawns. He said he had no silver, which had taken the woman. At halftime of a game and another Ramos Hardy bags and appeared reviewed 35 000 pesos in a handkerchief in his bag. I faced him later, along with others in the room and told him he had to go National. I went to the Black Cubilla, it was like a fucking turd.

39) And he took?
No. began to mourn and to deny, but we said we did not want to continue here. But he was good person, I do not know what happened. One day, Montero Castillo, who was very fuckers, it was the contrast and started running to kill him. Passed the kitchen and grabbed a knife, wanted to kill. Eu Você seu puto think! .

40) Was a friend of Rosa Luna? Yes
met at dances and she was looking to realize who I was. And ended up being an awesome friend. She saw me for the Centre late at night and I ran: You can not be here, this is not for you, andate. She looked after me. I know which player came with it was National, but I Forget! He told me in the face. A vos no. But I got there and I did this (throws a kiss). Why fuck me? To warm (laughs). A barbaric thing.


Mister I do not know if it's true, but note that once a Russian team came to the Stadium and his players could not believe that the opponent played a defender who was walking with some difficulty. If you had trouble even walking was a breeze. However, he was tall and lanky dark ride awakening comments but playing football was the best. Cococho Emilio Alvarez, National captain for years and they say, the most capped player wore his jersey, was among the luminaries of the golden age of the biggest teams in Uruguay.
Manga, Ancheta and Emilio Alvarez, began the recitation of the speakers minutes before games, when National said it was looking up on the continent. Cococho came from the bottom of the bag, the court of Equity and Marne, and had a history of No. 10 scorer. He liked to take cortita, with the script learned in the streets of El Cerrito, on courts of two strips with stone arches and ball stopped a car's voice! On those afternoons learned many of the things you know. That was seen whether or not you were cute. After more than a decade in the National Cave, with the title of Mister and ill-fated Wembley several passes in the world, ended his career in South America for six million dollars and four tickets for the carnival. Then came a Venezuelan exile, which was not the cause of their poverty as said Cymaco numbers and to be present at end of the corridor. I got poor football and went just like he says.

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Is It Ok If My Dog Drank Breast Milk

National Championships 0-0 M.Vazquez / CoracerosUnidos

exclasico It was the Uruguayan football with good performance of the referee Martin Vazquez that if it is still horrible, this time the sight unseen step further than usual.
charged with 30 fouls to only 10 National and the hen gives an idea of \u200b\u200bwhat was the game. Finally another possible
criminal unsanctioned by Rios hand within the area which as usual did not show the repeicion tenfiel when for the bag. Result
not very good for National, at times acceptable juice and put forward almost everyone. Sandals still on the must play 10 against 12, nearly won the final set where the judge is stronger players taking to area-based chicken fouls for them. Mal
Acevedo's statements saying that co 15 minutes but we won it ... DO NOT BE AWARE THAT THE PARTIES LAST 90 MINUTES? ... Suddenly thought he had put forth ...
On the side of the gallys back to reality, there seemed to doping control and some are not touched, and in the stands showed that if they are not winning are dumb.
The police operation a success, let alone enter the "forbidden" fireworks from the side as usual ... So the romance is being Milica and chicken ...
end See you at the baby ...

The last minutes of cooking ...

samples that Vazquez was the arrow, you see the fouls that are charged to the national players, and that does NOT charge.

See also the majority of chickens due to its 3x1 in ticket sales ... However

not heard ...

Finally you can see how important it is for them to get a draw National how to celebrate ...

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Cera Sanitaryware Vs Parryware

2-Danube National Championships 1

OJ Morales was missing and returned the enthusiasm, eggs and triumphs ...
A week for the match against the chickens, another problem for Acevedo,
that at this point must be wishing that OJ will embody a
nail not to have to put it.
I hope that the eggs that are missing are the 11 Acevedo's playing next week.

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Can You Get High With Promethazine Tablets

. Vs Closing Closing

Two bad dates for the bag, first robbery in the Hill and then the players despropocito Rampla, the final 1-3 and 0-1. Cerro
theft as stealing a Deserter completed at the stadium when they played against mirafox box (the hen).
Thus, among the poor play of the bag + the refereeing errors against chicken and HAND OF JUDGES and some other player deserter, the Gallis are accommodated in the tip.